With TAKTIK we have focused on making a Galaxy case that exceeds user expectations in the rugged case market and one that balances strong iconic aesthetics with innovative performance features. There is no reason you have to settle for one or the other. With TAKTIK you get both: a case that takes a beating and turns heads at the same time.
TAKTIK’s shockproof suspension features an Impact Hex Truss silicone perimeter compressed between two durable anodized aluminum bezels. The front bezel includes an adhered compression seal liner to protect from rain seeping into the case. Our design for the rear bezel features an open, unobstructed camera pass through that maintains brilliant photo and flash quality almost as if the case wasn’t there. This sandwich construction compresses the silicone truss creating a suspension system to cradle your Galaxy like the precious baby it is.
The devil’s in the details and the details make the product. The extra effort and cost to make a product great is worth it. It is good business—great for the user and good for the planet. Great products last longer and are the first step in being responsible. And ours just might make your Galaxy last longer as well.

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